Period TrackerPeriod Tracker Pro helps you to track and predict your next period, record observations and can generate a report for your medical professional.

It's so simple to use. Just press a button at the start of your period every month, and then again when your period has finished. You even get reminders. Period Tracker logs your dates and calculates the average of your previous menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period.

Period tracker Pro helps you to:

  • manage notes about your period
  • see your period history at a glance
  • predict your next period
  • prompt to record extended notes about your periods
  • provide reporting which you can share with your medical professional

You can enter previous period dates if you have them to make the app more accurate.

This application has been designed without focusing on pregnancy or birth control to help you monitor your menstrual cycle.


Welcome to your Period (Menstrual) tracker by appthem.

If this is your first time please read these notes to help setup this App to work best for your needs. This App has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, giving you the necessary tools to be able to track your cycle and if required be able to share the data with your medical practitioner.

Setup Screen

The setup screen is where you can setup your reminders.

  • To be reminded to make daily notes, click on Prompt me to make daily notes.
    A new screen will open to allow you to turn on this reminder by clicking the switch at the top right. You will be asked what time would you like to be prompted. Touch on the time entry and a clock comes up to set the time.
  • To be reminded of when your period is due, click on Prompt me when my period is due.
    A new screen will open to allow you to turn on the reminder. You will also be asked to enter the number of days before your next period that you would like to be notified.You can then add what time would you like to be prompted. That’s how easy it is to be reminded. The settings can be changed at any time to suit.

Main Screen

This screen can be used to either Start or Finish the period tracking timer by simply pressing the big round button.

The outer circle contains numbers which count down the number of days to your next period. The number of days is calculated from the history which you have entered. The more history that you record, the greater the accuracy of the countdown. If the button is accidentally pressed, then the history can be edited or deleted in the History screen.

As well as the countdown circle, your next period due is written below the round button in text once you have entered enough data.

This screen also can be used to add notes and to export data to email.

History Screen

In this screen all your period history is recorded and saved. By clicking on a history date range, the details for that date range will pop up. You can edit, delete, add notes and save any changes. This screen is also used to ADD prior history to help initiate more accurate calculations of your cycle.

Notes Screen

The notes screen works the same as the history screen for adding, editing and deleting data.

The date can also be edited. The notes contain a set of standard features either as a simple button or a slider scale depending on the intensity. The slider scale is activated by pressing and sliding along the line until the desired intensity is reached. You can also add typed notes at the bottom. Click Save when you have entered all your data.